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General Technical Guides

Lakeland are the experts and Lakeland Technical Guides are written by Lakeland experts and designed to give detailed technical analyses of various issues and problems relating to the choice and use of industrial protective clothing.

Available guides are listed below. Some are pdf download. Others are videos or other files.

Product Technical Data Sheets can be downloaded from individual product pages.


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Clarification on the EN 14126 standard and testing for Protective Clothing against Infectious Agents borne in liquids such as body fluids (including Ebola Virus) 



Understanding & Use Confirmation


Technical document to understand permeation and Permasure, use of Permasure, and step-by-step instructions for the app user interface. After studying the document, please complete and sign the confirmation form and return it to our Lakeland UK office ( / +44 01430 478 144).




 Type 5 & 6 Coveralls


Guide to performance of Lakeland options compared with standard competitive products.Provides detailed performance assessments of Type 5 & 6 coveralls.




FR Disposables


Guide to Performance of Pyrolon compared to FR SMS Polypropylene FR over-garments. Provides the proof that FR SMS garments don't work... and that Pyrolon does. 



In Brief:

Pyrolon vs. SMS



Uses of FR Disposables 

FR Disposable - Pyrolon vs. FR SMS

Watch the video showing the effectiveness of Lakeland Pyrolon compared with FR SMS

General Advice Documents About Lakeland Garments:

Disposable Garments : Storage, Shelf Life & Disposal

Lakeland Chemical Suits - Donning & Doffing

Use in Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX and Other regulation)

ChemMax 3 Chemical Suits - Testing against Chemical Warfare Agents

Interceptor Gas-Tight Suits - Testing against Chemical Warfare Agents

Safegard & "The Bellows Effect" - Why a fabric with superior particle filtration, but low breathability, might not offer the best protection against fine particles