Protect Your People

Super B-Style Garment

Lakeland Workwear is generously sized and constructed from Lakeland-specified and sourced fabrics with high-quality seams and components.

As the global manufacturer of protective clothing we have taken the best elements of European and North American styles to produce the unique "Super-B" style garments. Three key elements combine to make this a comfortable, durable and ergonimically designed garment.


1. 3-Piece Hood

Many manufacturers use a cheaper two-piece hood with a single central seam (A). This results in a two-dimensional hood which fits the head poorly, tends to be baggy at the top and tight around the centre of the head. Fitting around face masks is poor and leakage is likely around the face opening.

All lakeland garments use a shaped, three-piece hood with two side seams (B) that creates a a better fitting three-dimensional head shape. This moves better with head-turning, fits face masks better and is generally more comfortable and provides a better seal

 2. Inset Sleeves

Most European garments use a "bat-wing" design in which the body material is shaped diagonally from the elbow to the waist area (A). Some manufacturers argue this creates more space in the chest. However, this is cheaper to manufacture (and if the garment is properly sized the claim of "more chest room" is irrelevent) and creates a problem when the user raises the arms. In this case, because the measurement from elbow to waist is shorter than elbow-armpit-waist, the whole garment tends to be pulled upwards, creating stress at the crotch area.

Consequently these garments are made long in the body to allow for this - which creates further problems because the crotch hangs too low so stress is created when walking or mounting steps and ladders

Lakeland garments are made with an Inset Sleeve which follows the body contours (B) and allows greater freedom of movement along with a correctly sized body length and much less stress on the crotch area

 3. Two-piece diamond crotch gusset

Many manufacturers use the cheaper arrangement of two body seams and two inside leg seams meeting at a single point in the crotch (A). This creates a weak point and especially if combined with the longer body length of a "bat-wing" style above, often results in rip-outs in the crutch area.

All Lakeland garments feature a two-piece diamond-shaped crotch gusset (B) which spreades the stress and creates a better fitting more three-dimensional shape. This results in a more comfortable and more durable garment

The three key elements of the Super-B style garment designed by Lakeland results in the best designed, best fitting and most durable garment available.

 Selection of the correct sized garment is important in maximising garment life. See section on garment sizes.


Lakeland garments can be supplied with thumb loops as an optional extra at no cost. However, our standard garments do not feature thumb loops for two reasons:-

* The Super-B style pattern with inset sleeves allows greater freedom of movement and negates the need for thumb-loops
* Thumb loops are a potential hazard: an unused loop may end up loose and dangling and might catch on edges or machinery possibly resulting in an accident. 

For these reasons thumb-loops are not supplied as standard and we do not recommend them.... although they can be supplied on request as a non-stock item.