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Garment Sizes

All lakeland disposable coveralls are made according to the unique Super-B style pattern. They are generously sized and ergonomically designed to allow freedom of movement and maximise comfort, wearability and durability.

Garments are available in a full range of sizes from Small through to XXXLarge, with XSmall, 4XLarge and 5XLarge to order. The chart below gives the sizes and related BODY DIMENSIONS to which the sizes apply.


Note that the dimensions detailed relate to the BODY SIZES OF THE wearer and are not actual dimesnions of the garment. Contact sales-europe@lakeland for details of actual garment sizes.

Selection of the appropriate garment size is important in maximising comfort and durability of garments; choosing a garment that is either too small or too large is likely to result in garments becoming torn in a relatively short time. It can also compromise safety as it may lead to damage to the garment and because a wrongly sized garment can restrict movement and may become caught or might trip the wearer.