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Fyrban Washing Instructions

Washing of FR garments is important in maximising garment life and ensuring the FR properties are not degraded. Garments should be kept clean and free from oil and dirt. Following correct washing processes will ensure users derive a long life from their Fyrban garment.

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All FR garments should be regularly inspected for damage or wear on receipt, after storage and/or washing and before use. Pay particular attention to zips, seams and any fastenings or hardware to ensure proper functioning. Damaged or ripped garments may not protect properly so should be disposed of in suitable manner according to any contamination and local regulations.

Heavy soiling of garments is likely to affect thermal performance and reduce flame retardant properties – especially where garments may be contaminated by flammable liquids such as oils which may ignite and burn on the fabric. It is better to wash garments more frequently than to allow garments to become over-soiled.

In general avoid using fabric softeners on FR materials. Softeners may affect FR properties.

Professional Industrial washing is preferable to domestic laundering. Industrial washing is more likely to be done correctly, to ensure no damaging detergents or fabric softeners are used  and is designed to remove contaminants such as oils which might affect FR performance.

Generally try to wash at less than maximum temperatures unless required to remove oils etc.


Ensure garments to be stored are clean and dry. Store in dry area and away from direct sunlight or fluorescent light as ultraviolet may cause colour change or fading.


Generally sort garments before washing into fabric type, colours and / or degree of soiling and wash separately. Wash FR garments separately from other clothing to avoid transfer of any foreign flammable fibres or contaminants.


Pre-treat any greasy staines and collar / cuffs

Specific Washing Instructions for Fyrban Fabrics

Fyrban FRC
  1. Wash separately from other garments at the garments at maximum 60°C.
  2. Garments should be washed inside out.
  3. Softened water will produce the best results.
  4. Use high water level settings when washing.
  5. Do not use soap that contains tallow or detergents containing bleach.
  6. Use the recommended amount of detergent.
  7. Do not use chlorine bleach.
  8. Tumble dry garments on low setting (maximum 60oC).
  9. Dry garments inside out.
  10. Remove garment immediately when dry or slightly damp. Hang to complete drying.
  11. Do not over-dry – may result in excessive shrinkage.
Fyrban CMA
  1. Wash CMA garments separately from other garments.
  2. Read and carefully follow the manufacturers’ instructions for any commercial laundry aids used.
  3. Aramid garments such as CMA should be machine washed in hot water at a maximum of  60oC. A heavy duty detergent can be used.
  4. Do not use chlorine bleach nor detergents that contain chlorine bleach.
  5. Tumble dry at low temperature – Maximum 70oC.
  6. Do not dry in sunlight or fluorescent light.
Fyrban TXL & TSP
  1. For domestic laundering wash at maximum 60oC. For industrial laundering wash at maximum 75oC.
  2. For colours use a detergent without optical whites where possible.
  3. Tumble dry at maximum 70oC. However, drying in a finisher or tunnel if available will result in better appearance and less shrinkage. Avoid excessive drying for long periods.
  4. Washing garments regularly will avoid fixing of stains.
  5. Rinse garments in soft water as detergent residues may affect FR properties.
  6. Iron at low pressure and for short periods only.

Garments which are damaged or excessively worn should not be used in any hazardous area and should be disposed of suitably, depending upon contamination and local regulations. Before disposal cutting off arms and legs of garments can ensure they cannot then be used in error.

Appropriate washing and care of your Fyrban garment will maximise its life and ensure an effective, comfortable and attractive garment throughout.

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