Protect Your People

For a Greener World...

FR Cotton is a natural product isn't it? What could be greener?

Did you know...

  • That 7,000 to 9,000 litres of water are used in the production of just 1Kg of cotton... and 85% of cotton's water footprint is outside Europe..?
  • That one third of global pesticides are used in growing cotton..?
  • That production of FR cotton releases many harmful waste toxin pollutants..?
  • That 2.4% of global arable land is used for growing cotton... land that could be used for growing valuable food resources..?
  • That most cotton growing areas lie outside the scope of legally accepted conditions of production and labour..?

Why Choose Fyrban®?

Fyrban TXL and TSP fabrics are manufactured primarily from unique and completely natural cellulose - the stuff that knits the plant world together. From managed and sustainable sources, this cellulose fibre has a minimal ecological footprint and is based on almost completely eco-friendly technology.

So compared to FR Cotton...

  • Fyrban TSP and TXL are from managed and sustainable sources...
  • The solvent used in spinning is non-toxic and completely recycled in the process...
  • Waste products are minimal and completely non-hazardous...
  • The Cellulose fibre is completely natural and 100% bio-degradeable...


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  1. Fyrban® TSP

    Fyrban® TSP

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  2. Fyrban® TXL 24

    Fyrban® TXL 24

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  3. Fyrban® TXL 30

    Fyrban® TXL 30

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