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Fyrban TXL24, TXL30 and TSP garments use unique Tecasafe® fabrics from Netherlands-based technical fabric manufactuer, Tencate, one of the oldest fabric weavers in the world... not many companies can trace their history back over 300 years...

The fibre is a mix of components primarily based on natural cellulose. These fabric feel lighter than they are, resulting in remarkably comfortable garments, a result of a unique combination of properties derived from the cellulose.. 

Soft & Flexible Fabric

The celluluse component of the fibre produces a remarkable soft and flexible material that feels soft, light and has excellent drape properties

High & Rapid Moisture Absorption

The fabric has a high tendency to absorb moisture. As a result it actively draws sweat away from the body, leaving the user feeling drier and more comfortable.

High Breathability

The high breathability of the fabric not only results in better circulation of cooling air, it also means the sweat drawn from the body is quickly evaporated away from the wearer, thus allowing a continuing drawing and evaporation of sweat from the body leaving the wearer, drier, cooler and more comfortable.

The net effect is that Fyrban TXL and TSP FR coveralls are extremely comfortable making them the ideal choice for use in warm climates or where comfort is paramount.

The other effect of the cellolosic fibre is that Fyrban TXL and TSP fabrics also have an excellent consistency and look good as well as feel good. The high colour fastness also means that with appropriate washing the good looks are maintained for the garment life... these fabric don't fade and become tired-looking like many fabrics available.

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  1. Fyrban® TSP

    Fyrban® TSP

    Style Number ETSP
  2. Fyrban® TXL 24

    Fyrban® TXL 24

    Style Number ETXL24
  3. Fyrban® TXL 30

    Fyrban® TXL 30

    Style Number ETXL30

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