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A range of Thermal Protective Workwear for protection against Flames, Heat and the heat hazards of Arc-Flash.

Featuring a range of fabrics from FR cotton through a Certified meta-Aramid to the Hi-Spec Fyrban TXL and TSP, Fyrban offers a range of choices for a wide spectrum of protection: basic low cost FR workwear through to superior flash-fire protection and in a range of colours.

EN 11612
Flame & Heat

EN 11611
Welding & Allied
EN 61482-1-2

Fyrban also includes a variety of standard garment designs including deluxe and standard overalls, polo and dress shirts and jackets, bib & brace sets and cool combat style pants and bomber jacket. Bespoke designs are colours are also available to order.

All garments and fabrics are certified to relevant EN standards and top-of-the-range Fyrban TXL & TSP offer mutli-risk protection.

For many petrochemical and oil & gas companies presenting an ecologically sound image is increasingly critical, and Fyrban TXL and TSP are also a more green option.

Whatever your flame and heat protective requirements, Fyrban has the solution,


The Fyrban Range

Fyrban Product Fabric Type Description
Fyrban FRC
330gsm Proban Treated FR Cotton
Low priced FR coverall for essential wide-use FR protection
Fyrban FRC Comfort
(Available Soon) 

260gsm Proban Treated FR Cotton
Light-weight FR cotton for budget FR coverall. Available soon
Fyrban CMA
200gsm Certified Meta-Aramid
Aramid is the established fabric synthetic fibre for garments in applications where flash fire protection is required. High FR protection at light weight 
Fyrban TXL24 240gsm Cellulose based composite Fabric Fyrban TXL is constructed from Superior Tecasafe® XL fabric from Tencate. Based on cellulose the fabric features improved flash-fire protection, high comfort derived from the "Comfort Trinity" and excellent durability. Fyrban TXL24 is the lighter weight 240gsm version. Also Type 6 chemical splash protection
Fyrban TXL30
300gsm Cellulose based Composite Fabric
Fyrban TXL30 is the 300gsm version of Tencate Tecasafe®  XL fabric. Superior flash-fire protection and superior comfort. Also Type 6 chemical splash protection
Fyrban TSP
240gsm Cellulose based composite fabric with aramid component 
The Top-Of-The-Range. Fyrban TSP Tecasafe® XL fabric features Flash-fire and arc-flash protection superior even to branded aramids and at lighter weights and incorporating the Fyrban "Comfort Trinity". Also Type 6 chemical splash protection  


CE Certification

EN 11612



EN 1149

Type 6
Fyrban FRC  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes No
Fyrban FRC Comfort  TBA TBA TBA  TBA  TBA 
Fyrban CMA Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Fyrban TXL 24  Yes Yes  No  Yes  Yes 
Fyrban TXL30  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Fyrban TSP  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 


Fyrban TXL & TSP Features 

Superior Protection:

EN 11612 & Thermal Mannequin Testing

EN11612 is a minimum standard for FR garments and conformance does not indicate an effective level of flame and heat protection against flash-fire. Thermal mannequin testing can indicate levels of flash-fire protection through Predicted Body Burn.

Fyrban TXL and TSP coveralls offer superior levels of flame and heat protection compared to FR Cotton coveralls. This has been proved by Thermal Mannequin Testing. Click here to see the results.

Superior Comfort Fyrban TXL and TSP are choice for superior comfort because of the "Comfort Trinity" - a unique combination of softness, high moisture absorption and high breathability. User often find these garments feel lighter than much heavier garments
A Greener World... Fyrban TXL and TSP feature a unique fabric based on natural cellulose from managed and sustainable sources. An ecological choice for a greener world..
Excellent Durability & Colour Fastness  Fyrban TXL and TSP unique fabric construction means unbeatable colour fastness, minimal pilling and the garments keep their looks throughout their life. With care and correct washing Fyrban TXL and TSP garments last.
Colour Choice A wide range of colours available in small order quantities with bespoke colours available


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  1. Fyrban® CMA

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  2. Fyrban® FRC

    Fyrban® FRC

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  3. Fyrban® TSP

    Fyrban® TSP

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  4. Fyrban® TXL 24

    Fyrban® TXL 24

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  5. Fyrban® TXL 30

    Fyrban® TXL 30

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  6. Pyrolon® TPCR

    Pyrolon® TPCR

    Style Number ETPCR428

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