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Gas-Tight Suit Pressure Testing

Gas tight vapour protective suits require pressure testing as part of a regular maintenance program.

For Interceptor Type 1 suits we recommend testing on three separate occasions:-

  • On receipt of your garment. All Interceptor garments are pressure tested in the factory as part of our quality assurance procedure to ensure the garment is correct when leaving the factory. The garment label includes a date showing the factory pressure test. However, we do receommend testing on receipt if possible to ensure that no damage has occured in transit. This also activates your guarantee on the suit.
  • Before and after use. In most cases Interceptor garments go into storage for use when required. If possible the garment should be tested BEFORE any use as part of the preparation for a maintenance task, and then again AFTER use before the garment retunrs to storage. )Only undamaged and uncontaminated garments should be stored for re-use). Clearly in some cases, where a suit is used in emergency response situations for example, it is not possible to test a garment before use. In this case regular testing during storage is recommended.
  • During storage, at least every 12 months as part of a maintenance program


A pressure test should be accompanied by a thorough visual inspection, and any garment that fails a pressure test or that appears damaged, worn or contaminated should not be used in any hazardous environment, but should be either disgarded appropriately or if appropriate downgraded to and clearly marked as "Training Suit Only".

Test Pressures 

The process of certification to CE standard EN 943 for gas-tight Type 1 suits includes a pressure test according to standard EN464 and Interceptor has been tested successfully to this requirment. However, the EN 464 test inflates the suit to a pressure of 1750 pa (7" water column). Such pressure is designed to test the suit "to destruction" and is not necessary in a maintenance test. We do not recommend inflating the suit to this pressure in regular maintenance tests in order to avoid the risk of damaging the suit.

Lakeland's recommended a manufacturer's test uses an initial pressure of 1250 Pa (5" water pressure) which we deam as suitable for ensuring the suit maintains a full seal against the environment without risking damage.

Lakeland supply a suitable Pressure Test Kit as a separate accessory and which includes all the elements to enable users to conduct regular pressure testing.

Our sales staff will be pleased to arrange on-site demonstrations of a pressure test to enable your own staff to conduct them at a reasonable cost or free of charge with your first deleivery of Interceptor gas-tight suits. Contact or your local Sales Manager for more details.

For a video showing how to conduct a Lakeland manufacturers Pressure Test see here.




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