Protect Your People

Type 5 & 6 with FR

Type 5 & 6 chemical protective clothing with combined Flame Retardent Properties

EN14116:2008 : Protective Clothing: Limited Flame Spread Materials
Index 1 : Materials do not propogate a flame / No Flaming Debris / No spreading afterglow 

Garments should not be worn next to the skin

Combined with:- 

Type 6  Type 5


Pyrolon Plus 2 The standard Pyrolon option using the unique viscose based fabric Colour: White
Pyrolon XT  An additional nylon scrim laminated to the inside of the fabric results in higher strength and durability Colour: Pale Blue


Pyrolon XT and Plus 2 offer FR properties far suoerior to commonly used FR SMS... and proven by Thermal Manneqion Testing... see the evidence...

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  1. Pyrolon® Plus 2

    Pyrolon® Plus 2

    Style Number EPW428
  2. Pyrolon® XT

    Pyrolon® XT

    Style Number EX428

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