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Type 3 & 4 with FR

Type 3 & 4 Chemical Protective clothing with combined Flame Retardent Properties

EN14116:2008 : Protective Clothing: Limited Flame Spread Materials
Index 1 : Materials do not propogate a flame / No Flaming Debris / No spreading afterglow 

Garments should not be worn next to the skin

Combined with:- 

 Type 4  Type 3 


Available in Grey and orange, Pyrolon CRFR offers Type 3 & 4 Protection combined with FR properties proven through Thermal Mannequin Testing to improve Total Thermal Protection when worn over a TPG such as Lakeland Fyrban

The primary property of Pyrolon CRFR is not its chemical barrier but its FR properties COMBINED with its chemical barrier, so that it can safely be worn OVER a Thermal Protective Garment without damaging thermal protection. The fabric has been tested against a number of chemical to indicate it protective properties, in some cases according to PERMEATION and in some cases PENETRATION. For a full list of chemicals test see the Pyrolon CRFR Product page.

For an explanation of the differences and uses of penetration and permeation data see Further Information: Permeation Vs Penetration or download Lakeland's guide to selecting Chemical Suits

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  1. Pyrolon® CRFR

    Pyrolon® CRFR

    Style Number ECR428
  2. Pyrolon® TPCR

    Pyrolon® TPCR

    Style Number ETPCR428

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