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Flame Retardant Disposables

Chemical Protective clothing with combined Flame Retardant or Flame Protective Properties

EN14116:2008 : Protective Clothing: Limited Flame Spread Materials
Index 1 : Materials do not propogate a flame / No flaming debris / No spreading afterglow 

Garments should not be worn next to the skin

Combined with:-

 Type 6

Pyrolon Plus 2
Pyrolon XT 
 Type 5

Pyrolon Plus 2
Pyrolon XT 
 Type 4

Pyrolon CRFR 
 Type 3

Pyrolon CRFR 


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Protection against
Flames & Heat 

Pyrolon TPCR 

Uses of Disposable Flame Retardant Garments

Disposable chemical protective garments with Flame Retardancy to EN 14116 are intended to be worn OVER Thermal Protective Thermal Garments (TPG’s – such as Lakeland Fyrban), in order to provide suitable chemical protection and / or to keep the (often expensive) TPG clean, reducing laundering requirements, prolonging garment life and reducing overal costs. These garments DO NOT provide PROTECTION against flames and heat and cannot be used to replaced EN11612 Thermal Protective Garments. Hence the standard requirement that they should not be worn next to the skin.


Standard disposables cannot be worn for this purpose as they are thermoplastic and will ignite, burn and drip molten debris which will stick to the TPG fabric, transferring heat to the skin beneath, increasing body burn and reducing thermal protection. FR SMS garments also perform very poorly (in fact showing little difference compared with standard non-FR SMS) in such applications. This has been proved by Thermal Mannequin Testing.

Pyrolon garments are made using a unique fabric based on viscose which will not ignite or burn and chars with no molten debris so can be safely used as a TPG overgarment without compromising thermal protection. In fact Thermal Mannequin Testing shows Pyrolon actually increases thermal protection when worn over a TPG.

Product Range:-

Product Chemical Protection Type FR Standard 
Pyrolon Plus 2 Type 5 & 6 EN 14116 - Flame Retardancy
Pyrolon XT Type 5 & 6 - with additional strength EN 14116 - Flame Retardancy
Pyrolon CRFR Type 3 & 4 - Hazardous Chemical Protection EN 14116 Flame Retardancy
Pyrolon TPCR * Type 3 & 4 - Hazardous Chemical Protection EN 16112 : Flame and Heat protection

* Note: Pyrolon TPCR is a unique disposable coverall combining chemical protection and flame and heat protection: Pyrolon TPCR is a disposable chemical suit that is an alternative to thermal Protective Garments

The thermal performance of Pyrolon far exceeds that of FR SMS disposable garments commonly in use. Pyrolon as been shown to contribute to and improve total thermal protection when worn over a TPG, whereas testing has shown that FR SMS features very limited FR properties, is unlikely to pass EN 14116 flammability requirements and in Thermal Mannequin Testing shows no improvement over standard non-FR SMS material (see Further Information).

See Further Information below or for a more detailed analysis download Lakeland’s “Guide to FR Disposables: Pyrolon vs FR SMS”

Also see Presentation Video "Disposable FR Garments : Pyrolon vs FR SMS Disposables”

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  1. Pyrolon® CRFR

    Pyrolon® CRFR

    Style Number ECR428
  2. Pyrolon® Plus 2

    Pyrolon® Plus 2

    Style Number EPW428
  3. Pyrolon® TPCR

    Pyrolon® TPCR

    Style Number ETPCR428
  4. Pyrolon® XT

    Pyrolon® XT

    Style Number EX428

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