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MicroMAX : Fabric construction & Infectious Agent Protection

  MicroMAX - Fabric Construction... Strongest in its Class  


Premium MicroMAX fabric features a nylon scrim laminated between the microporous film and substrate layers. This feature - unique in the industry - results in a material featuring all the benefits of a microporous film laminate - with the highest tear strength in its class. 

The graph shows the relative tested tear strengths according to EN test EN ISO 9073. The test measures the force (in Newtons) required to continue a tear in the fabric. It is tested along the length of the fabric roll (md - Machine Direction) and across the width of the fabric roll (cd = Cross Direction). The mean is also shown.




Trapezoidal tear strength is often considered the best measure of garment durability in use and testing shows MicroMAX mean tear strength exceeds the nearest competitor by some 96%.




  MicroMAX TS... Type 4 & EN14126 Infectious Agent Protection  

EN 14126 is the standard defining fabric barrier tests for garments produced using fabrics designed to protect against infectious agents such as bacteria and blood- borne pathogens. The standard consists of five tests measuring the ability of a fabric to act as barrier against various types of contacts with possible contaminated mediums. This might be an applicable standard for various emergency services, health service, pharmaceutical or veterinary personnel.

Note that the standard only addresses fabric performance, making no specification requirements for garment seams. This means that technically a serged (stitched) seam garment could be certified to this standard. However, Lakeland's view is that given the type of protection only a garment with taped seams is suitable, thus only MicroMAX TS is certified to this standard. SMS garments such as Safegard would not meet the minimum performance levels of the standard.

The table below shows the results for the five different tests included in the standard and compared against a competitor fabric often used for this type of protection:-

Test No Description MicroMAX NS/TS  Brand X
    CE Performance Class
ISO 16604:2004 Protection against blood and body fluids  6 of 6  Unclassified (fail)
ISO 22611:2003 Protection against biologically contaminated Aerosols  3 of 3  1 of 3
ISO 22612:2005 Protection against Dry Microbial Penetration  3 of 3 1 of 3 
ISO 14126:2003 (Annex A) Protection against Mechanical contact with Substances Containing Contaminated Liquids  6 of 6 1 of 6 
* Data on Brand X taken from Publicly available documents


For more information on comparative performance in protection against infectious agents and other types of protection download the Lakeland Guide to Type 5 & 6 Garment Performance



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