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MicroMAX - Superior Protection

Type 6 : (EN 13034)
Protection against light splashes & sprays of hazardous Liquids

Type 5: (EN13982)
Protection against Hazardous Dusts 

Type 4: (EN14604)
Protection against liquid chemical spray
(MicroMAX TS only) 

EN 14126
Protection against Infectious Agents
(MicroMAX TS only* - see further information below) 


MicroMAX fabric features excellent liquid repellency for applications requiring greater protection from liquid sprays and splashes. High MVTR ensures comfort for the wearer.

The premium MicroMAX coverall features a unique additional nylon scrim between the film and substrate layers. This acts as a “rip-stop” and results in the highest tear strength available for this type of fabric (see Further Information below).

Coveralls with an extensive range of accessories are available including sleeves, overshoes (including with non-slip and/ or anti-static soles), lab coats, aprons, hoods etc


Standard coverall with serged seams Type 5 & 6

Premium fabric version featuring Nylon scrim for high strength. Bound seams also results in stronger seams with superior particle and liquid repellency

Type 5 & 6

MicroMAX NS coverall with stitched and taped seams. Meets Type 4 requirements and ideal for pharmaceutical applications or protection against infectious agents (EN 14126) 

Type 4, 5 & 6
EN 14126   

For more information on MicroMAX including fabric construction and EN 14126 Infectious Agent Protection see Further Information

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  1. MicroMAX®


    Style Number EM428
  2. Micromax NS static

    Micromax® NS

    Style Number EMN428
  3. MicroMAX® NS Cool Suit

    MicroMAX® NS Cool Suit

    Style Number EMN428
  4. MicroMAX® TS

    MicroMAX® TS

    Style Number EMNT428
  5. MicroMAX® TS (with attached booties)
  6. MicroMAX® TS Cool Suit Advance

    MicroMAX® TS Cool Suit Advance

    Style Number EMNTC428

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