Protect Your People

Type 5 & 6 Protective clothing

     Type 6 : (EN13034)         safegard 76 fibreglass
     Protection against light splashes
     & sprays of hazardous liquids                

     Type 5:  (EN13982          
     Protection against hazardous dusts


There are three basic fabric types used for Type 5 & 6 garments: SMS Polypropylene and Microporous film laminates and flashspun polyethylene. See below for more information on fabrics.

Lakeland offer two garment ranges using SMS fabrics and Microporous film laminate variants: 


Fabric Type

Key Property Lakeland Range        

SMS Polypropylene

Superior Breathability        Safegard

Microporous Film Laminate        

Superior Protection MicroMAX

More information on Type 5 & 6 fabric choices and properties

Standard and premium options are available for both Safegard and MicroMAX, the premium versions offer unique features and benefits. See individual product pages for details.

Typical Applications
 Type 6 - EN 13034  Type 5 - EN 13982
  • Paint spraying
  • GRP manufacturer - wet applications
  • Maintenance/Cleaning with light oils and cleaning fluids
  • Hygiene applications
  • Pharmeceutical areas - Non-critical*
*In many pharmaceutical and / or medical applications a garment meeting infectious agent standard EN14126, such as MicroMAX TS, will be required.
  •  Asbestos abatement*
  • GRP manufacturing - dry applications
  • Wood and plastic processing
  • Cleaning applications
  • General maintenance
*Asbestos abatement and removal is normally considered a Type 5 application. However, in poorly ventilated areas with high particle concentration a higher level of protection (such as fully encapsulating) might be appropriate.


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  1. MicroMAX®


    Style Number EM428
  2. Micromax NS static

    Micromax® NS

    Style Number EMN428
  3. MicroMAX® NS Cool Suit

    MicroMAX® NS Cool Suit

    Style Number EMN428
  4. MicroMAX® TS

    MicroMAX® TS

    Style Number EMNT428
  5. MicroMAX® TS (with attached booties)
  6. MicroMAX® TS Cool Suit Advance

    MicroMAX® TS Cool Suit Advance

    Style Number EMNTC428
  7. Safegard 76 static

    Safegard® 76

    Style Number ES428
  8. Safegard® 76 Diamant

    Safegard® 76 Diamant

    Style Number ESD428
  9. Safegard® GP

    Safegard® GP

    Style Number ESGP528

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