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Cool Suit Garment Construction & Application Suitability


The front, legs, arms and hood of the Cool Suit are made from MicroMAX NS fabric (Cool Suit and TS Cool Suit Advance) or ChemMAX 1 fabric (Cool Suit Advance Plus)

The rear panel is made of breathable Safegard GP fabric which has a much higher breathability than the main garment fabric to allow air circulation in and out of the suit (assisted by the "Bellows Effect") to enhance comfort. Inevitably the breathable rear panel has a lower level of protection than the rest of the suit - especially in terms of low viscosity liquids. The Type 4 Advance versions have a protective covering flap over the breathable panel sealed at the top and sides and open at the bottom to allow the exchange of air.

Thus the critical areas of the suit - the areas most likely to be contaminated - feature the higher protection level. Lakeland Cool Suit coveralls feature combinations of fabrics that have different protective properties.

In some applications therefor Cool Suits may not be suitable - specifically in areas where there is a real risk of heavy contamination of liquids to the back of the suit, or in the case of the Advance Type 4 versions if a liquid could spray up and underneath the rear protective flap.

For detailed information on the protective properties of the fabrics see the SafegardMicroMAX NS and ChemMAX 1 pages. 














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