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Cool Suits

Limited life coveralls using composite designs to provide the best combination of comfort and protection with versions for Type 5 and 6, and Type 4 protection - the Advance Plus version using ChemMAX 1 fabric for chemical protection

Cool suits combine the excellent protective properties of MicroMAX or ChemMAX 1 with the breathable comfort of Safegard. The coverall feature superior protection fabric to the front of the body, the arms and legs and hood, whilst a breathable panel of blue Safegard inset to the rear provides breathability and maintains a high level of comfort. Blue bound seams for superior protection and strength completes the MicroMAX NS Cool Suit, whilst the Advance and Advance Plus versions feature sttiched and taped seams    





There are three Unique Cool Suit coveralls available:-

MicroMAX NS Cool Suit

The standard Cool Suit. Superior protection AND superior protection - in the same coverall 

Type 5 & 6 liquid splash and dust protection

MicroMAX TS Cool Suit Advance

The addition of stitched and taped seams and a unique MicroMAX NS cover over the breathable panel - sealed at the top and sides allows certification to Type 4

Type 4 liquid Splash protection
ChemMAX 1 Cool Suit Advance Plus ChemMAX 1 chemical barrier fabric in the Cool Suit Advance design... the world's only Type 4 truly breathable chemical suit.
Type 4 Chemical Protection


Cool Suit Cool Suit Advance Cool Suit Advance Plus
Type 5 & 6 Type 4, 5 & 6 Type 4,5 and 6

Paint Spraying
GRP Manufacture (wet applications)
Maintenance / Cleaning
General Manufacturing
Hygiene Applications
Pharmaceutical Applications (non-critical) 

Medical / Emergency applications
Emergency Response
Medical Cleaning applications 

Tank Cleaning
High pressure jet-spray cleaning
Maintenance / Shut-down operations
Chemical Handling

Note: The construction of Cool Suits means the garments may not be suitable for all applications. See Further Information below for more details

 For Further information on Cool Suit construction and application suitability, see Further Information.

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  1. ChemMAX 1 Cool Suit Advance Plus

    ChemMAX 1 Cool Suit Advance Plus

    Style Number CT1SCF428
  2. MicroMAX® NS Cool Suit

    MicroMAX® NS Cool Suit

    Style Number EMN428
  3. MicroMAX® TS Cool Suit Advance

    MicroMAX® TS Cool Suit Advance

    Style Number EMNTC428

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