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ALM 500

ALM 500 is the choice combining essential heat protection against radiant and other heat sources and an effective neoprene moisture / steam barrier

A layer of Gentex “Dual Mirror” aluminised fibreglass with pure aluminium reflective surface reflects up to 95% of radiant heat. The inner neoprene barrier provides additional protection where moisture, steam or hot vapours may be present.

The superior quality the aluminised fabric exceeds the highest class requirement in the ISO 6942 radiant heat performance tests despite the light and flexible feel.

ALM 500 is available in a full range of styles and accessories. For full EN 11612 heat protection choose a jacket and pants or coverall, combined with ALM 500 hood, gloves and boots.



ALM 500 Construction 

  • Single layer of Gentex “Dual Mirror”® aluminised fibreglass
  • Inner neoprene moisture/steam barrier
  • Stitched safety seams with FR para-aramid thread 

ALM 500 Heat Performance Test Results


For an ALM heat protection without moisture barrier suitable in areas with no hot steam and or liquid hazards see ALM 300 

For a higher level of heat protection see ALM 700 

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