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safegard diamantLakeland is the Global Leader in industrial workwear for protection against flames, heat and chemicals. Lakeland Europe is your source in Europe for the complete Lakeland product range:-

Limited life clothing for Type 5 & 6 liquid and dust protection
* Type 3 and 4 chemical splash and spray protection
* Type 1 gas-tight chemical hazard protection
* Clothing for protection against flames, heat and welding hazards
* Aluminised clothing for heat protection
* Unique multi-risk disposable and re-usable protective clothing
* CE and NFPA Fire-fighters clothing.

Lakeland offer multiple-product ranges with extensive options to enable more effective targeting of your protective requirements… so protection and comfort are maximised whilst cost is minimised. Petrochemical, oil and gas, automotive, renewable energy, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, maintenance and cleaning... users in Europe and world-wide increasingly turn to Lakeland for their choice of protective clothing.


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