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"From Hell, Hull and Halifax, Good Lord, Deliver us!"

This pleasant little rhyme is from a still remembered and occasionally still used 16th century "Thieves Litany" (used by thieves when parting... wishing for delivery  from hell is self-evident, from Hull because it had a partiularly gruesome gaol, and from Halifax - another Yorkshire town - because of the notorious Halifax Gibet - used to swiftly despatch wrong-doers to Hell). Most modern residents of Kingston upon Hull find it a little unfair; Kingston upon Hull is a major UK city with a history stretching over 1000 years and is not quite as grim as the rhyme suggests..! 

Lakeland Europe is based near Kingston Upon Hull on the majestic Humber estuary - formed by the joining of two major navigable Rivers; the Ouse from York and the Yorkshire Dales to the North and the mighty Trent from Nottingham and England's heartlands to the South. The estuary arises at the joining of these historic waterways and sweeps some 250,000 litres of water per second all of 60 Km East and South to it's mouth where, at 11 Km wide, it is guarded by the remarkable and unique Spurn Point - a moving strip of land reaching almost 5 Km southwards from the North Bank - yet in places only yards wide. The Humber today remains one of the UK's busiest waterways (and, incidentally, one of the world's most dangerous waterways to navigate  - because of its constantly shifting sandbanks and deep, racing tides).
Kingston upon Hull sits on the North bank at the mouth of the River Hull where the estuary sweeps 30Km south-east to the sea. Hull has played a key role in the economic and political history of England; granted its charter in 1299 by Edward I (hence "Kings-town"), it was later a favourite haunt of Henry VIII (possibly to escape his various wives occasionally?) who took a personal interest in its development as a major garrison; it is cited as providing the opening salvo in the English Civil War when in 1642 alderman and parliamentarian Sir John Hotham stood on the ramparts of the "Beverly Gate" and three times refused entry to the city of King Charles I, beginning the Siege of Hull, striking the first major blow for parliament against the ultimate power of the Monarch, and launching the country into a civil war which resulted in a major shifting of power from the King to the parliament and the first major steps towards a modern parliamentary democracy.
In the early 20th century Hull was the UK's third largest port and enjoyed the UK's largest deep sea fishing fleet. Nowadays it boasts the Humber Bridge - when completed in 1981 the longest single span suspension bridge in the world (now the seventh); Holy Trinity, the largest brick-built Parish Church in the UK; "The Deep" - the world's only "submarium"; a thriving marina and a Premiership football team. Hull is also fast becoming a key centre of green energy with a major manufactucturing facility of wind turbines planned... as well as, of course, being the European base for Lakeland... the largest manufacturer of protective clothing in the world.


To Find Lakeland Europe:

From the West/South (Manchester /Leeds-Bradford): take the M62 towards Hull (Hull is approx 70Km west of Leeds and 150Km west of Manchester)

Turn off at Junction 38 (for Gilberdyke & North Cave) and turn immediate right towards Gilberdyke / Newport
- cross the motorway and immediately turn left towards Gilberdyke / Newport (otherwise you end up back on the motorway heading in the other direction!) and turn left into Jet Park 2 about 200M along the road

From the East & Hull Ferries: Follow the A63 / M62 East until approximately 25Km from Hull to the turn off for Gilberdyke, Newport & North cave. From the motorway exit turn immediate left at the T-junction towards Newport/Gilberdyke and turn left into Jet Park 2 about 200M along the road

The entrance to Jet Park 2 is a few hundred yards on the left: turn in to the park, go straight down to the end and turn right through the gates; Lakeland Europe is directly ahead.

Download a pdf of the map & directions

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