Protect Your People

MicroGard ™ Antimicrobial


Kill harmful microbes with this Lakeland antimicrobial treatment

Turn to MicroGard®, a new glove treatment from Lakeland Industries that protects food service workers from a variety of dangers. MicroGard can be applied to any glove or arm guard, keeping contaminants away from your employees and food products.

How does it work? A special solution has been developed so that Lakeland Industries can add antimicrobial properties to the composite yarns. Microbes are killed instantly upon contact. While wearing gloves treated with MicroGard, workers are protected from many hazards such as fungi, yeast, algae and bacteria. MicroGard® is extremely durable. It can withstand numerous washing while maintaining its anti-microbial properties. Resistant to chlorines and detergents, this solution is so advanced it passes the rigorous tests of the ASTM E2149-1 and AATCC Test Method 100.


  • Passes ASTM E2149
  • Passes AATCC Test Method 100
  • Microbes Are Killed Instantly
  • Withstands Up to 40 Washings
  • Ionically bonds to fibers to last the life of every fiber in the product.