Protect Your People

EnHand-CR™ Antimicrobial

EnHand CR Antimicrobial

Enhand-CR, Your FIRST line of defense!

Cut Resistance
Highest level on ASTM F1790 standard

Excellent flexibility, feel and dexterity

Withstands over 40 washings

More economical than lesser cut resistant gloves without antimicrobial features.

Other design features
Improve areas of premature wear through a patented design process

Available Styles

Style Description Cut Level* Sizes
96-1745 96-1745 Natural Enhand-CR Glove 5 S-XL
96-1754 Blue Enhand-CR Glove 5 S-XL


*ANSI/ISEA 105-2005 Cut Performance Ratings based on ASTM F1790-97 testing protocols


  • Passes ASTM E2149
  • Passes AATCC Test Method 100
  • Microbes Are Killed Instantly
  • Withstands Up to 40 Washings
  • Ionically bonds to fibers to last the life of every fiber in the product.
  • For all food service industries, poultry, chicken or beef processing
  • Passes ASTM E2149
  • Passes AATCC Test Method 100
  • Can be washed with bleach