Protect Your People

DesPro™ Cut Resistant


Custom Knit Gloves Put the Protection Exactly Where You Need It!

The DesPro® work gloves build protection exactly where it is needed. The balance of the glove is knitted utilizing a more economical cut resistant yarn where the protection is not as demanding. By using a combination of materials, the result is a product that protects yet costs less.

DesPro® work gloves can be made from any combination of yarns for any industry. From food services, to industrial, to warehouse, Lakeland can spec knit a glove that suits your needs.

Before you place your next order for a more costly glove, try a DesPro® on for size. It just may be the fit you need for your company.

Available Styles

Style Description Sizes
D6F9L 100% Spectra® and Nylon Glove S-XL
D6F7L 100% Spectra® and Cotton Glove S-XL
D6F8L 100% Kevlar® and Nylon Glove S-XL
D6C5L 100% Kevlar® and Grey Cotton Glove S-XL


  • Single or multiple fingers
  • Palm area
  • Thumb crotch
  • Heel
  • Wrist
  • Front or back


  • Medium duty material handling
  • Medium to light fabrication
  • General warehousing