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StaticSorb® Electrostatic Protective Wear

Designed to Control Electrostatic Contamination

StaticSorb® Coveralls from Lakeland's Woven Products Division are quality garments designed to control electrostatic contamination. They are worn in food or paint rooms, throughout the electronics assembly and pharmaceutical industries, and in locations where static electricity build-up may cause costly defects. Our StaticSorb® Coveralls provide a non-linting barrier between contaminants and clean rooms.

New StaticSorb® Protective Wear Dissipates Static Electricity!

Lakeland Woven Products Division recently developed StaticSorb® protective wear as the most effective solution to electrostatic buildup problems that can cause costly contamination in paint or electronic clean rooms, laboratories and pharmaceutical production sites.

StaticSorb® Protective Wear has no raw edges, so chance of loose fiber contamination is zero. Features include double lap felled seams, zipper and/or snap closures, and comfortable breathability. Durable, StaticSorb® Protective Wear stands up to two years of industrial laundering. Available in a full range of sizes, and according to the material selected, in white, royal, navy or blue.

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