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Arc / FR Rated Rainwear

Polyurethane FR / Arc Rated Rainwear

ANSI Certified • ASTM Arc and Flash Fire Rated for Electric and Gas Applications

PU offers Superior Performance vs. PVC:

More Comfortable

  • Cooler: Breathes and releases perspiration 
  • Softer and more flexible 
  • Lighter weight

More Durable for Longer Wear Cycle

  • Softness and pliability make it less prone to get caught on branches and brush
  • Superior puncture, tear and abrasion resistance
  • Reinforced HF welded/sealed seams for maximum strength
  • Innovative DRP™ Diamond Reinforced Patch to prevent crotch “blow out”
  • Saves money in the long run

Compare the workmanship, features, and attention to detail: you won’t find an equal.  And you have the assurance of
Lakeland-made quality – we don’t use contractors.


  • Meets NFPA 70E
  • Made to CSA Z96-09 Class 3 Apparel when Pants and Jacket are worn together
  • ASTM F1891 • ASTM F903 


Fabric information: 10.0 oz.² Polyurethane over FR cotton knit
Arc Rating: 16.3 Cal/cm2
Ebtas: 21.9 Cal/cm2
HAF: 84%
MVTR: 546 G/M²/24H
Total % body burn: 12.30% • 3rd degree burn: 6.55%

Jacket Style No: AJPU10LYRT-SZ

Bib Pant Style No: ABPU10LYZRT-SZ

Available Sizes: S-5XL


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  1. Arc / FR Rated Rainwear Bib Pants

    Arc / FR Rated Rainwear Bib Pants

    Style Number ABPU10LYZRT-SZ

    FR / Arc Rated Rainwear Bib Pants

  2. Arc / FR Rated Rainwear Jacket

    Arc / FR Rated Rainwear Jacket

    Style Number AJPU10LYRT-SZ

    FR / Arc Rated Rainwear Jacket

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