Dear Valued Customer,

We are pleased to tell you that we have recently completed additions to our production facilities in China and Mexico, greatly expanding our capacity to meet growing world-wide demand for our products.

The addition in Weifang, China added 51,000 square feet to the existing 72,000 sf facility, an increase of about 70% to 123,000 sf in total. The facility in Jerez, Mexico was nearly doubled in size, adding 35,000 sf to the existing 40,000 sf for a total of 75,000 sf.

The increase in capacity was needed to support our very strong sales growth in Asia, Europe, and the US in particular- due to our great success in converting so many of you from Tyvek® and Tychem® to Lakeland branded products. We have regained nearly all the unit volume lost two years ago when our licensing agreement was terminated by DuPont, and we are grateful to all of you for helping to make that happen.

The increased capacity enables us to continue our strategy of making our own garments rather than primarily using contractors like most of our competitors.

With today’s increasingly complex and technical garments, the advantages this gives us in terms of quality and control matter more than ever.

All of us at Lakeland have worked hard through sometimes difficult circumstances the past two years, so it is gratifying to see such a tangible result of our efforts as these major plant expansions. We are now strongly positioned to keep growing and giving you better service than ever. We look forward to growing together, and thank you again for your business.

With Appreciation,

Steve Bachelder
COO, Lakeland Industries