While the current Ebola outbreak currently affecting several West African countries is a tragedy, Lakeland Industries is proud that we are able to assist some of those Healthcare Workers responding to the crisis. 

Personal Protective Equipment, also known as PPE, is the first line of protection for those Healthcare Workers that are working with patients infected with Ebola.  Lakeland Industries is pleased that we have been able to assist several humanitarian groups with their efforts to protect their personnel.  Lakeland’s ChemMax1 product, with sealed seams, has been a key component of the PPE that these Healthcare Workers have been relying upon to protect themselves as they care for others.  

ChemMax1 with sealed seams is well suited for this dangerous environment.  Lakeland’s ChemMax1 fabric passes both ASTM F1670 and ASTM F1671 test methods for blood and blood borne pathogen protection.  ChemMax1 also goes above and beyond the ASTM tests by performing at the highest possible levels in the more comprehensive CE testing standards related to infectious agents.  The performance of ChemMax1 in testing protocols from around the world, combined with sealed seams for increased protection against fluid penetration; makes it easy to see why these humanitarian groups are trusting Lakeland’s ChemMax1 for protection.

For additional information on the ChemMax1 family of products, visit the Lakeland website at www.lakeland .com or contact Lakeland at 800-645-9291.